Friday, January 5, 2018

OCTOBER 2017: Pictures of 73ers

73ers at Medina in Tangier, Morocco
Picture Sent from Gena Fischer

 Two Pictures Above Sent From Trisha Kidd

Note from Trisha: 
On a recent Deaf Group travel in Spain, Morocco and Portugal in October (2017)
Donna Bosek of Minnesota
Gena Fisher of California
Mary Ann Corbett of Florida
Trisha Kidd of Florida
I thought I'd like to share since four 73ers traveled in same group. It was a great
mini reunion although I met Donna Bosek for the first time there. 
In future I hope more 73ers run into each other in same travel group. 
Happy Holidays!
Trisha Kidd (aka Patricia Parks)
Zipline near the Ark Encounter
in Williamstown, KY

SURPRISINGLY we met our long lost 73er who sat next
to us in one of the buses! Guess who he is!? 
RON MEARS (in Class of 71 and 73)