Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Message from Class of 1973 President

Hello 73ers!

Two exciting trips are finally being prepared for me to travel...

Trip One: Traveling to Sedona with the Chairperson of our 45th Anniversary Reunion, Ron Gough
Trip Two: Attending to DSA Houston 2017 Conference and seeing you all 73ers during our Class of 1973 Gathering/Dinner planned by Brian Kilpatrick with Marilyn Nixon's help

 Two pages in our Class of 1973 Blog are UPDATED with names who are GOING to DSA HOUSTON and SEDONA. Look up under the banner of our Gallaudet Class of 1973 (name with Gallaudet picture)...

Look at the pages: First page is HOME, second page is WHERE ARE YOU, third page is IN REMEMBRANCE, fourth page is WHO IS GOING TO DSA HOUSTON and last page is WHO IS GOING TO SEDONA. Click two pages and see the list of names who are GOING. If you are going, let us know right away and the lists will be updates with your names!

Thank you. See you in Houston!

Questions? Email:


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Message from 45th Anniversary Reunion Chairperson

Hi, folks, 

It is next two weeks from today, Donna and I will be going to visit Sedona, which will be my first time to explore that area. We will look around for hotels, their rates, transportation, etc. If you have visited Sedona before, please share your inputs or comments with us.

About a date for our 73 reunion ... it will be on April or May 2018 during weekdays, not weekends unless the rates make no difference for any weekends.

Do you have any questions? Please email me before I leave  for Arizona on March 28th.

Best, Ron G