Monday, November 7, 2016

Possible Date for our 45th Anniversary Reunion: March 19-23 2018

Hi, 73 ers

Just wanted to inform that I have been working on planning our Class of 1973’s 45th Reunion.

Please check Sedona’s website: That is where the reunion be held..

I am looking at the date for the reunion is March 19 to 23 which is weekday. Usually, the rates for hotels 
are low on weekdays.  Also the weather will be cool (temp 60 to 72). The rate during weekdays would be 
ranged from $99 to $169 per night.  All hotels/ inns reservation won’t be available until July 2017. ’ll try to
find a great discount for the hotels/inn rates, based on how many of us will attend. Will keep you posted
via FB class of 73.

So let’s save the date.

Once we make a hotel or Inn reservation, then I will check with various activities such as Hot Air Balloon, 
Off Road Jeep Ride, Hiking, Dining, kayaking, and many mores.

If you have any questions or ideas, please send an email me at

Best, Ron Gough

Thanks to VP! Our Meeting about SEDONA!

We discussed and prepared for our 45th Anniversary Reunion in Sedona! 
We'll get together before the DSA 2017 Houston. We will tell you about the exciting plans there
when we will meet for our Class of 1973 gathering during the DSA conference.  
Questions about the reunion? Ask Ron!

Hello David Gallaway! "Once Lost, Now Found!"

Message from Ron: 
Two weeks ago David Gallaway stopped by my home and stayed for a few nights. It was good to see him.  He retired from Naval Base in Washington last year. Currently, he enjoys traveling.

Message from Donna: 
DAVID! You were listed in "LOST" list in the Class of 1973 Blog! Glad you are FOUND by Ron Gough! We need your email address!  Send it to: