Saturday, May 21, 2016

Deaf Snow Birds: Class of 73ers in North Arizona!

***Thanks to Brian Kilpatrick for the news and pictures!***
We enjoyed being with the camp group for the first time.  Besides of that, we went to a few sites (city, ghost town and National parks, etc.).  Glad that the weather was cool and nice.

1. Deaf Snowbirds flyer  with the date

2.  April 5 Verde Canyon Railroad Ride
     Gene Fischer and Brian Kilpatrick
     waiting to board the group in First class train ride

3.  April 7  Sedona ATV Logo
     Brian K
     The group  in half way ride for the rest stop

                                                                                                                           4. April 8  Farewell BBQ Dinner - Group of 7
       Gene Fischer
       Diane ( Kelpenski) Holte
       Larry Whitworth
       Patty (Draxler) Krohn
       Karen (Hansen) Whitworth
       Brian Kilpatrick
       Sharon (Gordon) Hayes