Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fun and Great Pictures Taken by "Us"

 Meeting Old Friends Near Omni Spa Cafe
during the DSA 2015 Asheville Conference!  
(Photo Credit: Dinah Estes)

 Benje and Dinah Estes; Brian Kilpatrick (and Jackie)
at Bed and Breakfast Farm in Camp Hill, Alabama 
after the DSA 2015 Asheville Conference!
(Photo Credit: Brian Kilpatrick)

 The Guided Waterfall Hike at DuPont State Forest (North Carolina)
was a highlight for hikers Shirley and Gena.
(Photo Credit: Gena Fisher)

Donna (Az) and Paula (Md)
Meeting Again in 4 Months!
*April in California and August in North Carolina*
(Photo Credit: D Leff)

NOTE: If you have pictures you want to share with us, please do send them to:

First Gathering: Gallaudet Event at DSA 2015 Asheville

Second Gathering: Home-Made Breakfast with 73ers!


Photo Credits to those who took pictures from all gatherings during the DSA 2015 Asheville: 
Dinah Estes, Gena Fischer, Shirley Fritz, Brian Kilpatrick and Donna Leff


Thank You Gift to Glenda on Last Day of DSA 2015!

Class of 1973 Officers
(left to right)
President: Donna Leff
Treasurer: Shirley Fritz
Secretary: Glenda Zmijewski

Surprise Gift for Glenda!
 The gift is for all the work Glenda made and arranged the wonderful 
gatherings for our classmates during the
DSA 2015 Asheville!