Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Name of School...Honoring Our 73er: Marie Philip

Marie Jean Philip
Class of 1973

New Name for Pre-K-12th Grade Program:
  Marie Philip School (in Massachusetts)

TLC Announces New Name for PreK-12th Grade Program

Beginning Sept. 1, PreK-12th Grade Program Will Become Marie Philip School

On Wednesday, April 8 at an All School Assembly, Judy Vreeland, president and executive director of The Learning Center for the Deaf, and Peter Bailey, associate executive director and chief operations officer, announced that beginning September 1, 2015, the PreK-12th grade program would be named the Marie Philip School.

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Tribute to Marie Jean Philip

Teacher, Advocate, Friend

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Many thanks to Kate Doering for posting this announcement in our Class of 1973 facebook! Isn't it exciting that the Learning Center for the Deaf in Mass honoring and naming our 73er: Marie Philip!
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