Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's Time for New Officers to Work Together!

After the new Class of 1973 officers were elected during the 40th Reunion at Gallaudet, 
there was an agreement to allow the old officers to gather any materials, history and/or reports 
and turn them over to the current officers when they are completed.

One year has passed...has any (old) officers have done yet? They will be in touch soon. 

Note from President Donna Leff:
See that picture in this post... Three Class of 1973 officers and the 45th Reunion chair are "pushing our pieces (duties) to the center to make a complete puzzle (to work fully together)" Smile!

I will be in touch with Glenda, our secretary and Shirley, our treasurer to start rolling our sleeves 
and work together to prepare our next gatherings! 

We are excited that Ron is willing to be our 45th Reunion Chair...we will work with him. You will receive questionnaires/surveys for our next reunion which will be held in the West. 

For our next mini-gathering next year at Deaf Seniors of America Asheville 2015, Glenda is volunteering to arrange the gathering. Keep your eyes open for this coming mini-gathering! 

If you have any questions or concerns of anything, please do send your email to