Tuesday, August 5, 2014

73ers Meeting Other 73ers in Various Places!

Sharon and Elmer, her hubby are trekking across Western Canada from NC to Inuvik
Marilyn was in town for her nephew's wedding with Tracy, her partner and Marilyn's family...
Sharon and Marilyn got in touch and made an arrangement to meet eachother in Yukon!
Wasn't it awesome that Sharon and Marilyn met in Canada
while they live in USA!?

Donna is staying in Davis with her sister's family and her mother. After learning that there is
the FarWest Golfers Association of the Deaf golf tournament this week
in Roseville (near Sacremento) ...
Alvin and I went there where the golfers had the registration and meeting,
Wayne and David were there! I jumped with joy because I hadn't seen them in 41 years!
(The last time I saw them was the graduation at Gally!)
(as of August 4, 2014)