Sunday, August 17, 2014

73ers in California!

Hello 73ers...I was traveling in California down from San Francisco after my niece's wedding (the weekend of August 9)  . I had contacted several 73ers who live in that state and hoped to meet them. Fortunately, I met Ron Gough and Alice Kurs on my quick way back home in Arizona.

Ron Gough in Pasadena 

Alice Kurs in Riverside

Duve, Carlene "Candy", Gayle and Linda...Hopefully we will meet soon (in future!) It was really neat to get in touch with eachother and visit when we travel.  

Hey, everyone! Keep in touch and see you all in 2018 for our 45th Reunion in the "West"...maybe in California! Remember...Ron is willing to be the Chair! He is excited as well as I am too!

Donna Leff, President of Class of 1973