Monday, November 11, 2013

Highlights of Our 40th Reunion and Comments from 73ers

Gallaudet Class of 1973 Highlights of our 40th Reunion and A Bit of History:

*Only nine months of planning and working on the 40th Anniversary Reunion.

*42 of our 73ers came..eight spouses came along and joined 73ers, so the total was 50! Yah!

*Three Days of 40th Reunion: Welcome Back Gathering on Thursday night, Lunch Gathering on Friday, Volleyball Game and Bash Party on Friday night, Class Picture and Parade on Saturday, and last Banquet on Saturday night.

*Gene Duve holds our banner of Class of 1973 from our 25th Anniversary and carries it with him to the 30th, 35th and 40th reunions! He is willing to hold it for the 45th and 50th reunions!

*There were no shuttle bus services on Friday night after 9 pm and on Saturday morning until 10 am! Many thanks to several 73ers who offered some of us who stayed in Hotel Garden Inn rides! Bless them!

*Jenny McKenzie decided at the very last minute, and showed up for the class picture and parade!

*Three 73ers (from the reunion) STILL have their Class of 1973 Jersey: Dennis Berrigan, Ron Gough and Kathryn Nyitrai

*Three 73ers slept in the DORM on Gallaudet campus! It was like they were back in the past!

*Three 73ers fell down and hurt a bit…one 73er fell on each day! Glad they are okay!

*Kathryn Nitrai came to her first reunion since graduation in 1973!

*Peggy Daniels, Connie Gillett, Mary Sue Boxer and Dick Moore have attended ALL the reunions!

*Mary Sue Boxer was the treasurer of our Class of 1973 since graduation-for 40 years in a row! Thank you Mary Sue!

*Connie Gillett managed registration and the banquet to help the reunion go smooth! Thank you Connie!

*New Officers of our Class of 1973: Donna Leff, President; Glenda Zmijewski, Secretary; Shirley Fritz, Treasurer

*Last…Gene Duve, Connie Gillett and Mary Sue Boxer…thank you for serving on previous Class of 1973 board. 

Comments from 73ers:

*I had a ball seeing everyone! We all looked great and we aged gracefully too.
*Very enjoyable and memorable time meeting with all 73ers. Look forward to meeting up for the 45th and 50th reunion.
*I enjoyed the camaraderie, the being together, the sharing of past and present in our lives. We are truly blessed to be members of the Class of '73.
*The reunion gave us a chance to renew and treasure our friendship, and create a stronger '73 bond.
*I am glad that I decided to participate in this reunion. Not only meeting old classmates, but also meeting students at Gally. They look great. As for us, I found that even if we are getting "old," we surely keep ourselves young at heart. For me it is even more wonderful. I feel that we love life.
*Cheer and PAH to Gallaudet '73 Gang 40th Union! During the Gallaudet Homecoming weekend, Gally '73 Gang had the best collection of antique friends. Memories are the threads that hold together the patchwork of friendship. Don't count the years....count the memories til the next 50th reunion.
*I am glad I made it to the 40th and my goal is to make it to the 45th in the west and the 50th!
*Thank you for everything you are doing, and yes, what a schedule that I am not used for 4 days.  BUT I enjoyed every minute at Gally.
*It sure was a fun-filled weekend. Thank you all making this reunion successful.

Paula Jean Ammons 
Nona Balk
Peggy Daniels
Myron Greenstone
Dick Henley
Dianne Hodgins
Brian Kilpatrick 
Claudette Orgeto
Carlene Black Pedersen
Julie Elaine Roy
Kathy Thomas
Glenda Zmijewski

from many 73ers! 

THANKS to these 73ers for sending pictures/videos:

Kathryn Nyitrai

Paula Jean Ammons

Brian Kilpatrick

Connie Gillett

(Their pictures will be coming out in collages soon)

Comments from 73ers who didn’t come:

*Looks like you guys had a fun time. I was stuck here in Minnesota teaching. Couldn't get away from those responsibilities. Barry Siebert
* You all looked so great! I am so sorry that I couldn't be with you all.  Hopefully I will see you next ten years of class reunion.  Thanks again.  Keep in touch!  Chanda Winesburg
*Please do keep in touch with me though I have not see most of you for years. The memories linger on!! Mike Clifton
*Although I missed most of the '73ers event, I want to compliment you on ur great work.  Many said they really enjoyed themselves. Thanks for doing this!!! with hard hugs MJ
*FABULOUS!!! Really enjoyed all the videos.  Nice to see familiar faces - Thanks for helping me feel I was "there"! Nancy Kelly-Jones

Looking forward to seeing you all in five and/or ten years!

You will receive emails regarding the 45th and 50th reunions from
the new Class of 1973 officers in a month or two
President Donna Leff

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Class of 1973 Past and New-Elected Officers

Pictures of Past and New-Elected Officers of Our Class of 1973
*Gene, Connie and Mary Sue...Thank you for all of your work for our Class of 1973 from all the years you were officers!   
*Donna, Glenda and Shirley...We are about ready to roll our sleeves and work together for our Class of 1973! Having new ideas, preparing our next 45th and 50th Anniversary reunions, etc.

Please throw ideas, comments or anything you want to tell us for our future events!

Looking forward to having you all together again and hoping to having our lost 73ers to join us!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Second Video of Class of 1973 Homecoming: October 26
Ready for Our Big Celebration at Gallaudet! 
*40th Anniversary Reunion: Homecoming and Banquet*

Trouble with the video above? 
Click the Class of 1973 picture above and watch the video

Beautiful Pictures Taken by Other 73ers!

Come back again soon!