Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DSA 2015 Conference...10 Months from Now!

Hello 73ers! See the announcement below! DSA 2015 combo ticket rate will not go higher! Yah!

FYI: Glenda Cable Zimijewski is so eager to arrange the Class of 73 gathering at the DSA 2015 conference. Oh it is 10 MONTHS from now! I can't wait what Glenda is planning for us!

Soon "Who is Going?" will be added in the Class of 1973 blog. Email me if you already bought the combo and are going:   Once I get your name, it will be listed!

It'll be awesome to see you again...and to see you for the first time for a long time (that you have not been out for years)! See y'all next year in August (in 10 months)!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Deaf Quilters with Their Beautiful Quilt Work!

Message from Paula Jean Ammons:
Here is a picture of Shirley Fritz and me at the Deaf quilt retreat which I chaired this past week-end (September 19-21) in PA with 36 other quilters. It was nice to have time with Shirley.  It was a fun-filled event!

*Hey everyone in Class of '73...if you have any news, announcements or stories about you, please do send us your pictures, messages or articles/flyers if you are in them! Smile

Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Bye Texas...Hello Arizona!" 73ers Moving to Az!

Brian Kilpatrick, Karen and Larry Whitworth

It was taken for  Karen/Larry's small farewell (new Arizona resident)  reception in Houston, Texas
 last Saturday afternoon (on August 6).  Afterwards, we all went out eating  at the restaurant .
(Thanks to Brian for the picture and message)

Karen and Larry are moving to Arizona this weekend! 
We are happy to have more 73ers in Az...LOL!
Claudette and Donna

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SCAM! Our Gally Friends Were Hacked!


Most of you probably received emails from "Gallaudet"...
the subject of the email is "GALLAUDET-ALUMNI NAME & PICTURES FOR  2014" 

Please do not click and open the email. DELETE it right away! Click "Report Spam" to prevent it coming back to you again in future!!!

Also...Other subjects of the emails are:
"GALLAUDET 140TH ANNIVERSARY" (Notice the mistake of the should be 150)
"HELLO ...I have GOOD NEWS for you" 
There may be more subjects coming to hack you! Please be very careful...if you feel it is not right, don't open! If you suspect that it is a scam, delete it.  It is better than being sorry that you did!

Three "73" Ladies in Riverside!

Sharon Hayes was traveling and stopping by to see Lilly and Gena in Riverside, California! 
Good to see three smiling faces! 

Great News from Raul, Our "73" Guy!

I got an email from Raul Brown...

Raul will retire on Friday, September 5th from Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind (CSDB) where he works for 25 years.

Wow...Raul has three weeks left to work!  Betcha Raul is ready for his big retirement!

We all say "Congratulations...Happy Retirement" to Raul!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ron Stern, Our 73er is in the Local News!

New library opens at New Mexico School for the Deaf

Superintendent Ronald J. Stern, right, leads the New Mexico School for the Deaf’s ribbon-cutting ceremony Sunday to mark the opening of the school’s new library and museum. 
Luke E. Montavon/The New Mexican

To read the article and see pictures, click HERE 

Many, many thanks to Dick Henley (TN) for sending this news. It is exciting to read anything about our 73ers! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

73ers in California!

Hello 73ers...I was traveling in California down from San Francisco after my niece's wedding (the weekend of August 9)  . I had contacted several 73ers who live in that state and hoped to meet them. Fortunately, I met Ron Gough and Alice Kurs on my quick way back home in Arizona.

Ron Gough in Pasadena 

Alice Kurs in Riverside

Duve, Carlene "Candy", Gayle and Linda...Hopefully we will meet soon (in future!) It was really neat to get in touch with eachother and visit when we travel.  

Hey, everyone! Keep in touch and see you all in 2018 for our 45th Reunion in the "West"...maybe in California! Remember...Ron is willing to be the Chair! He is excited as well as I am too!

Donna Leff, President of Class of 1973 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

73ers Meeting Other 73ers in Various Places!

Sharon and Elmer, her hubby are trekking across Western Canada from NC to Inuvik
Marilyn was in town for her nephew's wedding with Tracy, her partner and Marilyn's family...
Sharon and Marilyn got in touch and made an arrangement to meet eachother in Yukon!
Wasn't it awesome that Sharon and Marilyn met in Canada
while they live in USA!?

Donna is staying in Davis with her sister's family and her mother. After learning that there is
the FarWest Golfers Association of the Deaf golf tournament this week
in Roseville (near Sacremento) ...
Alvin and I went there where the golfers had the registration and meeting,
Wayne and David were there! I jumped with joy because I hadn't seen them in 41 years!
(The last time I saw them was the graduation at Gally!)
(as of August 4, 2014)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our Ladies in Riverside, California

Donna Leff, Mary Ann Sultan, Lilly Miller, Gena Fischer and Alice Kurs
at Las Campanas in Mission Inn for the gathering
July 25, 2014

73ers Gathering at Gallaudet July 8-13, 2014

Thanks to Brian Kilpatrick for arranging the gathering and taking the great pictures! 

NOTE: Leslie's name was corrected and the picture was re-posted in this blog today
(July 28, 2014)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gertrude "Gertie" Galloway...Watch the video! Interesting!

 Gertrude Scott Galloway

Trouble with the video? Click this link:

Copied from Gallaudet Class of 1973 facebook:
Carlene Pederson: Beautiful, rich deaf cultural story abt GU history!
(dated: July 12, 2014)

Click below to read about Gertie!

Gertie...thank you for sharing your story! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Latest Update with 73ers at Gally!

Gallaudet's 150th Anniversary and Reunion just began this week! 

Right now there are several 73ers celebrating and spending time with alumnus, friends and families:
Brian Kilpatrick
Robert Hickey
Gayle Ellis
Jeanie Inwood
Mary Sue Boxer
Charles Martin
Mary Pollard (Macner)
Susan "Sue" Bungard (Zvosec)
John Morris 

Hope these 7ers will bump eachother, socialize together and eat together while they are there!

We, of course, are looking forward to seeing PICTURES of them! 

If anyone of you (not listed here) happen to be at Gally for a visit or change your mind to attend there, please contact Brian Kilpatrick, the main contact person at

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our '73er: Paula Ammons and Her Pictures!

  Photo of me at Quilt Retreat in Rushville, NY by the frozen 
Canandaigua Lake last March - it snowed unexpectedly!!!

My quilt blocks - "Bali Sea Star" (not completed)

My first snowshoe experience - love it!

As a tea lover, I attended a May tea luncheon gathering at 
Melinda (Chapel) Padden '74 at her gazebo.
   Other 74ers - Hazel (Jones) Rinas, Arlene (Marsh) Kuschmider,
Brenda Sue (Underwood) Pickering and  '71er Kathleen (Russell) Setzer were there.

Paula, thank you for sharing your pictures! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

More Catching Up with our 73ers!

Connie with Nancy Pepoki (left)
at Connie's Retirement Party
May 2014

Marilyn and Dick 
at Texas School for the Deaf Class of 2014 Commencement
(Dick's nephew, Brandon Henry graduated there)
June 2014

Donna and Nona at the Patio
of Nona's New Condo
June 2014

Hey our dear '73ers, do you have any picture you want to share with us!? 
Send it to:   Thanks! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Class of '73 Future Gatherings

As of June 9, 2014

Most of us, '73ers want to get together again in future! 

So far as we discussed and planned our next gatherings 
in our 40th Gallaudet Homecoming/Class of 1973 meeting are:

150th Anniversary at Gallaudet: July 9 to 13, 2014
in Washington, DC
Deaf Seniors of America 2015 Asheville: August 23-27, 2015
in North Carolina 
 Deaf Seniors of America 2017 Houston:  April 2-9, 2017
in Texas
45th Anniversary Class of 1973 in 2018
somewhere in the West
50th Anniversary Class of 1973 in 2023
at Gallaudet in Washington DC
(Don't miss this special gathering! Be sure to not to make plans in October 2023 
and save a vacation to spend a whole weekend with us!!!)

You will receive emails regarding the upcoming events and start from that point to make plans! 
Questions? Please send your email to: 

Thank you! 

Our Dear Past '73 Secretary, Connie Gillett is Retired!

Connie Gillett with Rep George Miller, CA 
"33 Years Service"

Message from Connie: 
Do u know that George will not run again too? He will retire at the end of this year. Good timing 


Message from Donna:
Just after the Class of '73 reunion, Connie had a broken elbow! Bless her! Now she has ongoing physical and occupational therapies. Hope she will be fully recovered before she is out on trips!

Catching Up with our '73ers!

The photo was taken at Furance Creek Ranch in Death Valley (Deaf Snowbirds) on Feb. 8th, 2014 

Larry Whitworth,  Karen (Hanson) Whitworth, Sharon (Gordon) Hayes, 
and Gena Fischer (missing- Chanda Winesberg)

Thanks to Gena for this picture! 

Hey our dear '73ers, do you have any picture you want to share with us!? 
Send it to:   Thanks!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gallaudet Reunion: July 9-13, 2014...Who's Going?

 Below you will find the full schedule of Gallaudet Reunion...

Will any of you going there? Please email and say "Yes"...
I will post your name on the "Who's Going to the 2014 Summer Reunion? on the next post. 

Click HERE to open the Gallaudet University Reunion and register online

Click HERE to open the Gallaudet Reunion page (full schedule)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Gallaudet University Charter Day Festival: April 8

Gallaudet University - Celebrating 150 years 

Web Streaming for Gallaudet University Charter Day Festival 
On April 8, 2014, Gallaudet University will celebrate its 150th anniversary with a campus-wide Charter Day Festival. The morning Opening Ceremony will be delayed-streamed from 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and can be viewed via this link: 

The opening of the Gallaudet University Museum exhibition Gallaudet at 150 and Beyond will be streamed live starting at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Click on this link to view the grand opening ceremony: 

For more information, a schedule of events, and a gallery of images 
on the sesquicentennial celebration see:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's Up with Our 73ers Now?

Hello everyone!

Happy 2014! 

Wow, three months have passed since we saw the last post with the highlights on November 11, 2013!

There are few exciting news going on with our dear 73ers in last 3 months. Why don't you all send your picture and/or brief news/announcement to me? Once I get them, I will gather and post what I have in this blog!

I already have few picture from Gena Fischer and one announcement from Connie Gillett! I won't show any pictures or tell what the announcement is (you may already know) until I am "ready"!

Find your pictures and/or type whatever you want to share (at least 4 to 6 sentences) now! 
Send pictures, stories, news and/or announcement 
to this address: 

Can't wait to get what you send! 


Monday, November 11, 2013

Highlights of Our 40th Reunion and Comments from 73ers

Gallaudet Class of 1973 Highlights of our 40th Reunion and A Bit of History:

*Only nine months of planning and working on the 40th Anniversary Reunion.

*42 of our 73ers came..eight spouses came along and joined 73ers, so the total was 50! Yah!

*Three Days of 40th Reunion: Welcome Back Gathering on Thursday night, Lunch Gathering on Friday, Volleyball Game and Bash Party on Friday night, Class Picture and Parade on Saturday, and last Banquet on Saturday night.

*Gene Duve holds our banner of Class of 1973 from our 25th Anniversary and carries it with him to the 30th, 35th and 40th reunions! He is willing to hold it for the 45th and 50th reunions!

*There were no shuttle bus services on Friday night after 9 pm and on Saturday morning until 10 am! Many thanks to several 73ers who offered some of us who stayed in Hotel Garden Inn rides! Bless them!

*Jenny McKenzie decided at the very last minute, and showed up for the class picture and parade!

*Three 73ers (from the reunion) STILL have their Class of 1973 Jersey: Dennis Berrigan, Ron Gough and Kathryn Nyitrai

*Three 73ers slept in the DORM on Gallaudet campus! It was like they were back in the past!

*Three 73ers fell down and hurt a bit…one 73er fell on each day! Glad they are okay!

*Kathryn Nitrai came to her first reunion since graduation in 1973!

*Peggy Daniels, Connie Gillett, Mary Sue Boxer and Dick Moore have attended ALL the reunions!

*Mary Sue Boxer was the treasurer of our Class of 1973 since graduation-for 40 years in a row! Thank you Mary Sue!

*Connie Gillett managed registration and the banquet to help the reunion go smooth! Thank you Connie!

*New Officers of our Class of 1973: Donna Leff, President; Glenda Zmijewski, Secretary; Shirley Fritz, Treasurer

*Last…Gene Duve, Connie Gillett and Mary Sue Boxer…thank you for serving on previous Class of 1973 board. 

Comments from 73ers:

*I had a ball seeing everyone! We all looked great and we aged gracefully too.
*Very enjoyable and memorable time meeting with all 73ers. Look forward to meeting up for the 45th and 50th reunion.
*I enjoyed the camaraderie, the being together, the sharing of past and present in our lives. We are truly blessed to be members of the Class of '73.
*The reunion gave us a chance to renew and treasure our friendship, and create a stronger '73 bond.
*I am glad that I decided to participate in this reunion. Not only meeting old classmates, but also meeting students at Gally. They look great. As for us, I found that even if we are getting "old," we surely keep ourselves young at heart. For me it is even more wonderful. I feel that we love life.
*Cheer and PAH to Gallaudet '73 Gang 40th Union! During the Gallaudet Homecoming weekend, Gally '73 Gang had the best collection of antique friends. Memories are the threads that hold together the patchwork of friendship. Don't count the years....count the memories til the next 50th reunion.
*I am glad I made it to the 40th and my goal is to make it to the 45th in the west and the 50th!
*Thank you for everything you are doing, and yes, what a schedule that I am not used for 4 days.  BUT I enjoyed every minute at Gally.
*It sure was a fun-filled weekend. Thank you all making this reunion successful.

Paula Jean Ammons 
Nona Balk
Peggy Daniels
Myron Greenstone
Dick Henley
Dianne Hodgins
Brian Kilpatrick 
Claudette Orgeto
Carlene Black Pedersen
Julie Elaine Roy
Kathy Thomas
Glenda Zmijewski

from many 73ers! 

THANKS to these 73ers for sending pictures/videos:

Kathryn Nyitrai

Paula Jean Ammons

Brian Kilpatrick

Connie Gillett

(Their pictures will be coming out in collages soon)

Comments from 73ers who didn’t come:

*Looks like you guys had a fun time. I was stuck here in Minnesota teaching. Couldn't get away from those responsibilities. Barry Siebert
* You all looked so great! I am so sorry that I couldn't be with you all.  Hopefully I will see you next ten years of class reunion.  Thanks again.  Keep in touch!  Chanda Winesburg
*Please do keep in touch with me though I have not see most of you for years. The memories linger on!! Mike Clifton
*Although I missed most of the '73ers event, I want to compliment you on ur great work.  Many said they really enjoyed themselves. Thanks for doing this!!! with hard hugs MJ
*FABULOUS!!! Really enjoyed all the videos.  Nice to see familiar faces - Thanks for helping me feel I was "there"! Nancy Kelly-Jones

Looking forward to seeing you all in five and/or ten years!

You will receive emails regarding the 45th and 50th reunions from
the new Class of 1973 officers in a month or two
President Donna Leff