Wednesday, July 22, 2015

For Those Who Are Going to NC...

Hello everyone! 
The Class of 1973 schedule along with DSA workshops and tours is already made 
and sent out to those who are going to DSA 2015 Conference.
Big Thanks to Glenda for all the arrangements and work 
to make us, 73ers having FUN! 

If you have not received it, let me know and I will send it to you right away!
See you in Asheville in a month!
I am counting days now! Counting...counting...counting....

Donna Leff, President of Class of 1973

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy 4th of July...More 73ers Are Joining Us at DSA Asheville!

HAPPY 4th of JULY! 

GREAT NEWS! Now there are 15 of our Class of 1973ers who are going
to the DSA 2015 Asheville this coming August! 

Click the tab "Who's Going to DSA Asheville?" in our website 
and find out who were just added to the list! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Our 73ers Gatherings This Summer!

If you have pictures of your 73ers you met recently in your area/city/state or during the vacation,

Our next gathering will be at DSA 2015 Asheville Conference 
this coming August! If you are going, let Glenda know!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

Dr. Ronald Stern: Retirement and New Job!


Dr. Ronald Stern, NMSD's 8th Superintendent, began his tenure at NMSD in 2000.  Over the last 14+ years, Dr. Stern's passion and commitment to providing quality educational programs and services to New Mexico's deaf and hard of hearing children and their families has been unwavering. 

Read more: Click HERE


White Plains, NY April 29, 2015 – 
New York School for the Deaf, also known as Fanwood, is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Ronald J. Stern as the Interim Executive Director, effective August 3, 2015.

Read more: Click HERE


73ers Gathering in Roseville, California

left front-Susan Cannuli (Cantrell),  back left David Ford,  
back right Judy McIntyre (Ford), front right-Myron Greenstone

We met at Susie Country Cafe in Roseville, CA April 26, 2015 for Sunday breakfast along with 10 other people from Gallaudet and other places for monthly "Eat Gathering" and social.

Thanks to Myron Greenstone for sending and sharing this picture with us! 

Two Ladies Meeting Halfway to Drink Tea!

Paula Ammons, MD (staying with her mother in Fremont) and Donna Leff, AZ (visiting her mother in Davis) met halfway at Benicia, California for lunch and walking around the town for few hours on Wednesday, April 22nd. They had fun drinking tea and eating lunch at Camellia Tea Room.

Thanks to Paula for sharing these pictures with us!

Questionnaire Will Be Sent to You Soon!

Hello everyone in Class of 1973...

Keep your eyes peeled for the 45th Anniversary Reunion Questionnaire in your email account! It is nearly completed and will be sent out soon in your email.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do ask us! Thank you!

Donna Leff, President
Ron Gough, Chairperson of 45th Anniversary Reunion

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our 45th Anniversary Reunion Coming Soon!

1973 - 2018

Are you READY for our next Gallaudet Reunion? 
You may say "Awww it is three years from now and we will wait later" 

NO NO NO! We will not wait...we are just beginning to think about it now!
Ron Gough, our chairperson is rolling his sleeves and will work together. Pretty soon we will 
receive questionnaires and send our feedback to him before he starts planning
the big exciting reunion in the "West"! 


New Name of School...Honoring Our 73er: Marie Philip

Marie Jean Philip
Class of 1973

New Name for Pre-K-12th Grade Program:
  Marie Philip School (in Massachusetts)

TLC Announces New Name for PreK-12th Grade Program

Beginning Sept. 1, PreK-12th Grade Program Will Become Marie Philip School

On Wednesday, April 8 at an All School Assembly, Judy Vreeland, president and executive director of The Learning Center for the Deaf, and Peter Bailey, associate executive director and chief operations officer, announced that beginning September 1, 2015, the PreK-12th grade program would be named the Marie Philip School.

To read HERE


Tribute to Marie Jean Philip

Teacher, Advocate, Friend

More about Marie: Click HERE


Trouble with this youtube? Click HERE

Many thanks to Kate Doering for posting this announcement in our Class of 1973 facebook! Isn't it exciting that the Learning Center for the Deaf in Mass honoring and naming our 73er: Marie Philip!
For those who have not joined the Class of 1973 facebook, click this link and click "JOIN"!

Tentative Schedule for 73ers at DSA 2015!

Class of 1973 Gatherings at
Deaf Seniors of America Conference
Asheville, North Carolina- August 23-27, 2015 

Hello Class of 73 members!

We need to know if you're planning to attend the DSA conference in Asheville. There are a few names on the Class of 73 blog but there are more than 15 names on the DSA map. We do not want to miss or overlook any class member.

You can check the conference schedule and activities on DSA website or facebook. More than 900 people have registered and the conference schedule is filled with workshops, exhibits, and tours. If you want to go on tours, you will need to contact DSA and register for the specific tours.

Below is a tentative schedule for Class of 73.

We will meet at a designated place in the hotel daily to check on each other and address last minute changes or plans.

August 23: Sunday evening: Meet between 5 and 5: 30 for dinner at the Grove Park Inn (There are several dining options). Welcome by President Donna Leff

August 24 and 25: Monday and Tuesday morning breakfast at the hotel. (Between 7: 30 and 8) Time is tentative and we can decide later.

August 26: Wednesday morning: Gallaudet University Breakfast at the hotel

August 27: Thursday morning: Old Fashioned Country Style Breakfast (arranged by Glenda's family) This will be outside of the hotel. I need to know how many will be driving their own cars so that we have enough transportation.

For Lunch during the week we can decide at the hotel where to eat lunch. Grove Arcade which is about 2 miles from the hotel has a nice outdoor restaurant.

August 27: Thursday evening: Banquet and Gala at the hotel. 1920's theme. Dress up like 1920's and have fun!

August 28: Friday morning breakfast at hotel (tentative) as this will be check out morning. Will depend on how many will leave early or later.

Once I have a definite list of who will be going to the conference, I can communicate with you directly through email or texts. Please let Donna know if you are attending the conference.

Looking forward to seeing you in August!

Glenda Cable Zmijewski, Class of 73 Secretary

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Any of You Deciding to Go...?...

Deaf Seniors of America Asheville Conference
from August 23 to 27, 2015 ???

The list of 73ers who are going to the DSA Asheville Conference this coming August is LAST DATED on November 2014! If you ALREADY decided to go or registered and your name is NOT LISTED, email me right away and I will add you on the list!  Hope you all are going!!! See you there!

NOTE: I will contact the officers of Class of 73 and work together to make the gathering the more memorial one! Glenda promises you that we will have FUN!

Group of 73ers at Deaf Snowbirds Camping!

Location:  Pirate Cove Resorts in Needles, CA (Deaf Snowbirds)
Dates: March 22-29, 2015

Diane (Kelpenski) Holte, Gena Fischer, Sandra (Riley) Delong,  Gayle (Cavalier) Ellis, 
Sharon (Gordon) Hayes, Karen (Hansen) Whitworth and Larry Whitworth

Patty (Draxler) Krohn

Trisha and Connie in Peru!

Connie Gillette and Patricia "Trisha" Kidd Wilmore traveled in Peru in same group with Hands on Travel in December 2014.  Photos below were taken in Lima, picture was taken at Machu Picchu.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GREAT NEWS! DSA Asheville 2015 Combo...

See the announcement! DSA 2015 combo ticket rate will not go higher! Yah! 

Glenda Cable Zmijewski is so eager to arrange the Class of 73 gathering at the DSA 2015 conference. Oh it is SEVEN (7) MONTHS from now! I can't wait what Glenda is planning for us!

Soon "Who is Going?" will be added in the Class of 1973 blog. Email me if you already bought the combo and are going: Once I get your name, you will be listed!

It'll be awesome to see you again...and to see you for the first time for a long time (that you have not been out for years)! 

See y'all this coming August!!!

Deaf '73 Bikers from California!

Ron Gough and Gena Fischer

Copied from Gallaudet Class of 1973 Facebook...Posted by Gena Fischer:
Bike Riding from Green River to Huntington Beach (33 miles one way) 
with a group of deaf cyclists (12 of us)

Our 73ers Are Retiring! (December & January)


Robert Hickey December 31st
Nona Balk January 22nd
Ronald Gough January 29th 

Hey...are there any more of you retiring last year or this year? Let us know! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy New Year to All 73ers!!!

Are you ready for the 2015 New Year?!!!

Send us your pictures, family news, exciting/special news and/or trips! 
We all love to know what you are doing or are planning to do! 


Paul and Peggy Daniels in England and Ireland!

Copied from Happy Hands Deaf Seniors Newsletters...
Thanks to Peggy Daniels for sending us her travel news! 

73ers in Kansas During their Reunion!

Front Row: David Westerman, Aline Shaw, Paul Blicharz
Back Row: Don Shaw

"This was taken at Kansas City, Kansas last October 17th. 
We had a Deaf Community 2014 Ultreya/Reunion."
Sent by David Westerman

*Thanks to David Westerman for the picture...great to see our dear 73ers!*

Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's Time for New Officers to Work Together!

After the new Class of 1973 officers were elected during the 40th Reunion at Gallaudet, 
there was an agreement to allow the old officers to gather any materials, history and/or reports 
and turn them over to the current officers when they are completed.

One year has passed...has any (old) officers have done yet? They will be in touch soon. 

Note from President Donna Leff:
See that picture in this post... Three Class of 1973 officers and the 45th Reunion chair are "pushing our pieces (duties) to the center to make a complete puzzle (to work fully together)" Smile!

I will be in touch with Glenda, our secretary and Shirley, our treasurer to start rolling our sleeves 
and work together to prepare our next gatherings! 

We are excited that Ron is willing to be our 45th Reunion Chair...we will work with him. You will receive questionnaires/surveys for our next reunion which will be held in the West. 

For our next mini-gathering next year at Deaf Seniors of America Asheville 2015, Glenda is volunteering to arrange the gathering. Keep your eyes open for this coming mini-gathering! 

If you have any questions or concerns of anything, please do send your email to 

Six (Seven) 73ers Were at the "Deaf" Cruise!

 Picture Credit: Marilyn Nixon

Message from Brian Kilpatrick:
This picture was taken at Royal Caribbean , Jewel of the Sea Cruise sponsored by Passages Deaf Travel  (DEAF Freedom Cruise 2014 -  Oct 25 - Nov 1).

We had a nice gathered breakfast together .

FRONT ROW: Larry and Karen Whitworth, Charles Martin
BACK ROW: Elaine (Paris) Bizzarri, Brian Kilpatrick, Marilyn Nixon

Note: After few days later Marilyn bumped Andy Duhon! Darn...he was not in this picture with the group!

Elaine (Paris) Bizzarri Is Found!

WELCOME "BACK" to our dear CLASS OF 1973! 
We will see you more as time comes by...also get together wherever we meet in future events!
Glad you are "found"! 

Hey...if you know of our "missing" 73ers who are listed under "Found...But" or "Lost" on the "Where Are You?" page (look of 4 pages under the Class of 1973 picture in this blog), please ask the missing 73ers to get in touch with us at with the names and updated/current email addresses.  Thank you! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DSA 2015 Conference...10 Months from Now!

Hello 73ers! See the announcement below! DSA 2015 combo ticket rate will not go higher! Yah!

FYI: Glenda Cable Zimijewski is so eager to arrange the Class of 73 gathering at the DSA 2015 conference. Oh it is 10 MONTHS from now! I can't wait what Glenda is planning for us!

Soon "Who is Going?" will be added in the Class of 1973 blog. Email me if you already bought the combo and are going:   Once I get your name, it will be listed!

It'll be awesome to see you again...and to see you for the first time for a long time (that you have not been out for years)! See y'all next year in August (in 10 months)!!!