Friday, January 5, 2018

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for Our Class of 1973 Reunion in Sedona, AZ

(as of November 2017)
* Subject to change in the future

Monday, April 2
Arrival - Social Reception from 5PM to 9PM

Tuesday, April 3
Breakfast at the hotel
Your choice to do (check with a hotel concierge for more information).
Lunch together at Sedona Town
“Welcome” Dinner at Red’s Restaurant

Wednesday, April 4
Breakfast at the hotel
Verde Canyon Railroad (Train Ride 1PM to 5pm) Tour  46 seats are reserved. $60 per person will provide details in February.  Please check 
Dinner together in Clarkdale or Sedona ?
Agave Show at 7PM

Thursday, April 5
Breakfast at the hotel
Jeep Adventure
Dinner in Sedona.
7pm to 10pm “Share Our Memories”

Friday, April 6
“Farewell” Breakfast at Coffee Pot Restaurant  
Depart by 11AM (check-out).

Remember the tentative schedule will be possible changed … keep eyes on it from time to time

Questions? Need more information? Ask Chairperson Ron at

OCTOBER 2017: Pictures of 73ers

73ers at Medina in Tangier, Morocco
Picture Sent from Gena Fischer

 Two Pictures Above Sent From Trisha Kidd

Note from Trisha: 
On a recent Deaf Group travel in Spain, Morocco and Portugal in October (2017)
Donna Bosek of Minnesota
Gena Fisher of California
Mary Ann Corbett of Florida
Trisha Kidd of Florida
I thought I'd like to share since four 73ers traveled in same group. It was a great
mini reunion although I met Donna Bosek for the first time there. 
In future I hope more 73ers run into each other in same travel group. 
Happy Holidays!
Trisha Kidd (aka Patricia Parks)
Zipline near the Ark Encounter
in Williamstown, KY

SURPRISINGLY we met our long lost 73er who sat next
to us in one of the buses! Guess who he is!? 
RON MEARS (in Class of 71 and 73)

What's Up Lately? Check It Out!

From Arizona To California! 

Note from Class of 1973 President:

I have moved to Riverside, California late November 2017.
The month of December 2017 was the busiest time for me...
moving to the smallest "home"! 
Unpacking, shopping and visiting family and friends! 
 Now I am looking forward to a new year 2018.   

I am back to "work" and get busy for our next exciting event!
What is it? It's our 45th Anniversary Reunion! 
Chairperson Ron Gough is planning it beautifully and making it most memorable
ALL 73ers! 

Happy 2018 to All 73ers!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

DON'T BE LEFT OUT! Keep us updated!

While you are on your computer, laptop, iPAD, mobile device or whatever, 

Are you going to the Class of 1973 45th Reunion 
in Sedona, Arizona?

What answer do you need to send us?  Just say: (Pick One)


If we hear from you or receive your answer, you will be on the "45th Reunion" mailing list
So you will receive the information/updates/details on our 45th Reunion
that will be on April 2 to 5, 2018 (April 6th is our last day...we will depart in the morning)

What? You already sent your email to us?! THANK YOU! 

Ron Gough, Chairperson:
Donna Leff, President:

(If you do not see your name on it, let us know right away!)

as of September, 2017
3:30 am (Mountain/Pacific Standard Time)

Paula Ammons 
Nona Balk
Peggy Daniels (and her husband: Paul)
Benje Estes and
Dinah Estes
Gena Fischer
Shirley Fritz
Jimmy Gartman 
Ron Gough (and his wife: Sharon)
Sharon (Gordon) Hayes
Linda Headrick (and her fiancé: Bill Harvey)
Dick Henley (and his wife: Patty)
Brian Kilpatrick (and his wife: Jackie)
Donna Leff
Lily Miller (and her boyfriend: Paul Stefurak)
Lucinda Ann Minnick
Claudette Ortega
Mary Pollard
Reba Poole
Mary Ann Sultan
Kathy Thomas
David Thompson (and his wife: Gayle)
Paul Wernsing (and his wife: Becky)
Larry Whitworth and
Karen (Hansen) Whitworth
Chanda Winesburg
Glenda (Cable) Zmijewski (and her husband: Jim)

Mike Clifton
Gene Duve
Robert Ellis
David Mattern
Marilyn Nixon
Adele Shuart (will go if she has a roommate)
Bobby Sogolow
Carolyn Woosley and
Johnny Woosley
Trisha Kidd (conflict with the cruise trip)
Alice Kurs 
Mike Clifton
Adele Shuart

Sunday, May 7, 2017

SAVE THE DATES! Our 45th Anniversary Reunion!

Make sure you save these dates on your calendar! Mark them down NOW! 
Details Coming Soon! Keep your eyes wide open for them!

Peggy's Old Scrapbook (1969 to 1973)

The pictures/articles will be posted in next posts in this blog. Look for them! 

Group of '73 Gals in Riverside, California

During 7th Annual Riverside Senior Citizens Luncheon
and Magic Show on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Message from Class of 1973 President

Hello 73ers!

Two exciting trips are finally being prepared for me to travel...

Trip One: Traveling to Sedona with the Chairperson of our 45th Anniversary Reunion, Ron Gough
Trip Two: Attending to DSA Houston 2017 Conference and seeing you all 73ers during our Class of 1973 Gathering/Dinner planned by Brian Kilpatrick with Marilyn Nixon's help

 Two pages in our Class of 1973 Blog are UPDATED with names who are GOING to DSA HOUSTON and SEDONA. Look up under the banner of our Gallaudet Class of 1973 (name with Gallaudet picture)...

Look at the pages: First page is HOME, second page is WHERE ARE YOU, third page is IN REMEMBRANCE, fourth page is WHO IS GOING TO DSA HOUSTON and last page is WHO IS GOING TO SEDONA. Click two pages and see the list of names who are GOING. If you are going, let us know right away and the lists will be updates with your names!

Thank you. See you in Houston!

Questions? Email:


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Message from 45th Anniversary Reunion Chairperson

Hi, folks, 

It is next two weeks from today, Donna and I will be going to visit Sedona, which will be my first time to explore that area. We will look around for hotels, their rates, transportation, etc. If you have visited Sedona before, please share your inputs or comments with us.

About a date for our 73 reunion ... it will be on April or May 2018 during weekdays, not weekends unless the rates make no difference for any weekends.

Do you have any questions? Please email me before I leave  for Arizona on March 28th.

Best, Ron G

Monday, November 7, 2016

Possible Date for our 45th Anniversary Reunion: March 19-23 2018

Hi, 73 ers

Just wanted to inform that I have been working on planning our Class of 1973’s 45th Reunion.

Please check Sedona’s website: That is where the reunion be held..

I am looking at the date for the reunion is March 19 to 23 which is weekday. Usually, the rates for hotels 
are low on weekdays.  Also the weather will be cool (temp 60 to 72). The rate during weekdays would be 
ranged from $99 to $169 per night.  All hotels/ inns reservation won’t be available until July 2017. ’ll try to
find a great discount for the hotels/inn rates, based on how many of us will attend. Will keep you posted
via FB class of 73.

So let’s save the date.

Once we make a hotel or Inn reservation, then I will check with various activities such as Hot Air Balloon, 
Off Road Jeep Ride, Hiking, Dining, kayaking, and many mores.

If you have any questions or ideas, please send an email me at

Best, Ron Gough

Thanks to VP! Our Meeting about SEDONA!

We discussed and prepared for our 45th Anniversary Reunion in Sedona! 
We'll get together before the DSA 2017 Houston. We will tell you about the exciting plans there
when we will meet for our Class of 1973 gathering during the DSA conference.  
Questions about the reunion? Ask Ron!

Hello David Gallaway! "Once Lost, Now Found!"

Message from Ron: 
Two weeks ago David Gallaway stopped by my home and stayed for a few nights. It was good to see him.  He retired from Naval Base in Washington last year. Currently, he enjoys traveling.

Message from Donna: 
DAVID! You were listed in "LOST" list in the Class of 1973 Blog! Glad you are FOUND by Ron Gough! We need your email address!  Send it to: