Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GREAT NEWS! DSA Asheville 2015 Combo...

See the announcement! DSA 2015 combo ticket rate will not go higher! Yah! 

Glenda Cable Zmijewski is so eager to arrange the Class of 73 gathering at the DSA 2015 conference. Oh it is SEVEN (7) MONTHS from now! I can't wait what Glenda is planning for us!

Soon "Who is Going?" will be added in the Class of 1973 blog. Email me if you already bought the combo and are going: Once I get your name, you will be listed!

It'll be awesome to see you again...and to see you for the first time for a long time (that you have not been out for years)! 

See y'all this coming August!!!

Deaf '73 Bikers from California!

Ron Gough and Gena Fischer

Copied from Gallaudet Class of 1973 Facebook...Posted by Gena Fischer:
Bike Riding from Green River to Huntington Beach (33 miles one way) 
with a group of deaf cyclists (12 of us)

Our 73ers Are Retiring! (December & January)


Robert Hickey December 31st
Nona Balk January 22nd
Ronald Gough January 29th 

Hey...are there any more of you retiring last year or this year? Let us know! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy New Year to All 73ers!!!

Are you ready for the 2015 New Year?!!!

Send us your pictures, family news, exciting/special news and/or trips! 
We all love to know what you are doing or are planning to do! 


Paul and Peggy Daniels in England and Ireland!

Copied from Happy Hands Deaf Seniors Newsletters...
Thanks to Peggy Daniels for sending us her travel news! 

73ers in Kansas During their Reunion!

Front Row: David Westerman, Aline Shaw, Paul Blicharz
Back Row: Don Shaw

"This was taken at Kansas City, Kansas last October 17th. 
We had a Deaf Community 2014 Ultreya/Reunion."
Sent by David Westerman

*Thanks to David Westerman for the picture...great to see our dear 73ers!*