Friday, February 8, 2013

New Pages Are Added to the Blog!

Now you notice that new pages are recently added under the picture of Class of 1973 and Tower Clock. As of today we have three pages: Home, Where Are You? and 40th Reunion!

We are now looking for our dear '73ers (ones who entered our class and left/dropped out or graduated)! If you are "found", your name will be added on the list. If we do not hear from you or do not have you on the distribution list that Connie has, your name will be listed under "Lost".

Don't be "LOST" (left out)!  Come, join us!

We will work and make a tentative schedule for all '73ers to be TOGETHER for the whole weekend and celebrating the 40th anniversary reunion. We are excited and hoping you will come, join us!

Questions? Email us at